The Invasion of Small Cubes

The Invasion of Small Cubes

A design led company

The landscape of product development is constantly evolving, and innovative approaches are emerging to maximize efficiency and success. One compelling concept gaining traction is the elevation of designers to the role of actual product managers. Today, designers are much more than mere pixel pushers; they possess a unique ability to envision the product's direction and make strategic contributions.

In an environment built on trust and collaboration, the traditional product owner role may become redundant. When engineers and designers take charge of what needs to be done, a collective sense of ownership and accountability permeates the team. This paradigm shift fosters a seamless and cohesive product development process.

In this empowering model, every team member becomes a product owner, contributing their expertise to achieve the desired outcomes. This inclusivity nurtures a culture of responsibility and alignment towards the success of the product.

While designers and engineers excel at shaping the product, the role of a skilled product marketer becomes vital to ensure the product's impact reaches its full potential. A strategic product marketer thinks beyond tactics and crafts a compelling narrative that communicates the product's value, including its impact on the company's bottom line.

By embracing this collaborative approach, we create products that resonate deeply with our customers and drive meaningful results for the business. Recognizing and utilizing the untapped potential within our team fosters a culture of open communication and innovation in product development.

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